The images of fireplaces contained here are left as a tribute to the work and workmanship of Lance Gregson who sadly passed away in 2007.


When building a Stone fireplace most of the materials are found on the jobsite, bringing an extra element of continuity to the project. You can use firebrick for the fireboxes, no inserts or Zero clearance contraptions here! Solid stone, not thin veneer is best when building a stone fireplace.. With thick stones come deep joints and varied stone sizes. Tall firebox openings, influenced by the Rumford-Style, allow the full flames to be viewed. Curved fireboxes eliminate the deep back corners of the traditional rectangular firebox, bringing the fire forward visually, creating a more outdoor feel.

In many modern houses you will find that the fireplace is something that has been an afterthought and no real design has been involved in building the fireplace, many have just been stuck onto the wall and built from materials that are not designed to last.  By designing and having built your very own custom stone fireplace you can add character to any of your rooms and stand out from the rest of the crowd by personalising your home.

Sometimes it can be daunting trying to choose the design of your stone fireplace which is why we have put together a gallery of our latest work to help give you some inspiration.  Whether you are looking for a small sized stone fireplace or a large dominant stone fireplace our gallery will be able to give you the inspiration you need to create your unique stone fireplace.

These fireplaces are the real deal…They take time to build and often outlast the “superfluous” structure around them. Let’s face it, a house’s only real purpose is to keep you dry while you watch your fireplace burn.